Friday, July 16, 2010

Do any of my followers have opinions about which blog works best?


  1. Here's one opinion: I like Wordpress much better. It strikes me as somehow 'cleaner', allowing readers to focus more immediately (and for me, more serenely) on your poems themselves. And speaking of those, 'Bugs and Weeds' is fabulous. Of your recent entries it struck me the most! And only in part because I am battling book-clutter this summer!

  2. Thanks, Barbara. Have you seen my "Everglades" poems? They're in this blog somewhere, along with some of John's photos. If I stay on Wordpress, I'll post them there, too. Oh, and speaking of Everglades, the book "Voice of the River," Marjorie Stoneman Douglas's autobiography, is a wonderful read. She ought to be celebrated right up there with John Muir.